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Scholastic C.A.R.E. Tutoring6 Wellingston Drive - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-632-6128

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Scholastic C.A.R.E Tutoring is committed to the creation of a premium class facility that provides executive class services to clients of distinguished tastes. True to our name, we maintain small classes with high-impact pupil to teacher ratios.
By utilizing specialized instructions and solid, practical methodologies, we aid your child in maximizing his/her full potential.
The lessons delivered at Scholastic C.A.R.E Tutoring are enhanced with the use of the best technology has to offer. Our tutors are highly qualified and are rated among the island's best. Their passion and proficiency in delivering the content bring life to even the most seemingly dull and perplexing concepts.
The Grades 4 and 5 Academic Advancement Programme (A.A.P) is designed to augment the students' knowledge base and skill set necessary for them to excel at the current grade level as well as the G.S.A.T examinations which lie in the near future.The Grade 6 Exam Preparation Programme (E.P.P.) is designed to furnish our students with the content and techniques necessary for them to attain excellence in the Grade Six Achievement Tests (G.S.A.T). Both programmes are offered by Scholastic C.A.R.E Tutoring and have done well to matriculate students in the nation's top traditional high schools.
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