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Clarendon Group For The Disabled2A Palm Avenue - May Pen
Phone: +1 876-986-4202

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Clarendon Group for the Disabled is a not for profit entity that seeks to assist in the rehabilitation
of children with special needs. Our efforts and wok is not evident until parent involvement is
garnered It is important that the parent of each child is involved in the rehabilitation process of
the child. Parent involvement helps in bonding and interaction between parent and child and
most importantly gives a better understanding of their child’s condition.
We currently serve 159 children within the parish of Clarendon. These children suffer from a
various conditions. We have children with:
• Physical Disability
• Mental Retardation
• Cerebral Palsy
• Autism
• Speech Impairment
• Epileptic Disorders
• Hearing Impairment
We have 69 children enrolled in school and 90 in the homes. Some of the cases are severe and as
such these children are only able to be rehabilitated in the home. CRT’s offer basic educational
curriculum's for those who are able to grasp information. Parent involvement as was said earlier
is integral as we are not able to visit on a regular basis. CRT’s ensure that parents are following
the program plans and teach them simple methods of rehabilitation for each child.
On a monthly basis a review of each child is done to see if the programme that we have put in
place is working or we need to seek other interventions such as specialist.
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