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White Rain PublishingShops 2 and 3, Lynhurst Park Business Complex - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-908-1783
Phone: +1 876-908-2556
Mobile: +1 876-225-7949/WhatsApp

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White Rain Publishing Limited is an educational children’s publishing company established in early 2016.
White Rain Publishing sought to retain the same attention to the detail in design and excellence in illustrated content relevance, and with age-appropriate information to achieve the best learning objectives.
Since our entrance into the market, we have created an array of stunning and innovative titles, learning and teaching aids, including our flagship brand Let Learn Together series of books that currently covers Mathematics, Language Arts, Phonics, Readers, and Integrated Titles.
Being an international company at our core and, representing varied nationalities across our two offices, we also actively acquire and translate some of the best children’s published content from around the world, for the enjoyment of English-speaking audiences everywhere.
Many of our titles are themselves translated into several languages and we are proud to count ourselves as among one of the most prestigious international publishing houses out of the Caribbean.
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