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Queen's Preparatory School15A EAST KINGS HOUSE ROAD - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-927-6066

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The Queen's Preparatory School is one of a number of Independent Church Schools operated under the auspices of the Anglican Church in Jamaica.
Liguanea Prep School was Founded on September 1, 1969
The aim of the school, as set out in the Scheme of Management for Preparatory Schools of the Church in Jamaica, is as follows: "To provide a liberal and thorough education".
In pursuance of this aim, the policy of the school shall be controlled by the Diocesan Education Board on behalf of the Synod of the Jamaica Church.
The school is made up of two departments- A Kindergarten and a Junior Department which caters for children uo to the age of thirteen. In addition, there is a special remedial unit which caters for children with special education needs.
We believe that every child is capable of learning and that there is a role in life for every one.
Therefore, it is the intention of this school to help to prepare all children who come under our tutelage for their role in life by educating them to their fullest potential.
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