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Harrison Memorial Prep and High3 Cottage Road - Montego Bay
Phone: +1 876-952-3363
Phone: +1 876-971 9231
Fax: +1 876-940-2384

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Harrison Memorial High and Preparatory School, has as its mission, quality Seventh-Day Adventist Christian education, through the integration of faith and learning, for the harmonious development of the whole being, to serve God and humanity.
School History
Approximately 45 years ago the brainchild of Elder H.S. Walters was born in the form of a school. This child, like many others was of lowly birth and poor, humble parentage but she was well fed and properly cared for by her foster parents. On her birthday, 28 persons were present and the birth took place in the gallery of the old Montego Bay S.D.A. Church.
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