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The Math Clinic & Science WorksUnit 2 40 Shortwood Rd - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-924-6284
Phone: +1 876-883-7023
Mobile: +1 876-445-0604

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The Math Clinic & Science Works provide quality educational services in the study of mathematical and natural sciences. Our approach combines the best teaching practices for s mall classes and one-on-one tutoring sessions.
Once you or your child enroll in one of our classes, we seek to achieve the following three goals: help you in overcoming your fears of math and science, help you to understand concepts like techniques and formulae and help you achieve your academic goal/grade.
Whether it’s achieving an A in math or science, or working on a specific problem-based project, or simply the need to brush up your skills, we are here to help. At the Math Clinic & Science Works, we will give you the tools you need (thorough explanations, concepts, processes, timely feedback about assignments, etc.), but each student will be required to put in great effort to reach their goals.
Our statistics show that 94% of our students achieve all three goals. Discover what’s within and reach your full potential at the Math Clinic & Science Works.
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