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Dirty Hand DesignsSuite 18, Technology Innovation Center University Of Technology, 237 Old Hope Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-520-2038
Phone: +1 876-970-5555

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Dirty Hand Designs is a clothing solution company that aims to both understand and meet the clothing needs of people.We help to make your everyday mood and expressions known to the world, we help you make that statement.
Our Mission
Dirty Hand Designs© is dedicated to producing a customized Clothing Solution that meets the individual needs of our clientele in educational Institutions.
Dirty Hand Designs® seeks to become the medium through which customers can conveniently, effectively and efficiently express themselves with apparel.
The company DHD (formally Dirty hand Designs) started as just the urge to have a business between two individuals. Without giving much detail to the thought the creators pitched it to a few people. The feedback was an amazingly positive one.They sought the aid of a third party to help with the initial planing stages. After evaluating what they had versus what they needed, they realized their initial idea of a T-shirt line would not be possible given limited resources.
So they had to dig deeper , and they decided to start off by manufacturing bags and branding them with the logo dirty hand designs.The bags were made by a family member of one of the partners of dirty hand designs. Then came the ultimate test ,exposure to a wider audience,would people love it or would they hate it?Fortune would have it say,People loved the bags when they saw them displayed at an expo at the University of the West indies in 2009. In fact the startup company that was literally jus an idea a year before saw itself taking home an awards while generating a huge following of enthusiast
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