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Regions Financial Services22B Old Hope Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-665-3910
Phone: +1 876-577-9818

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Regions Financial Services is a microfinance company that offers varied financial, specifically lending, solutions to our diverse network of clients. The Company currently provides loan solutions in the form of Personal and Business loans. The Company is led by a knowledgeable management team with years of experience in the industry.
Regions Financial Services is a microfinance company lending with a difference. We give credit where credit is due. Come experience the Regions difference with reasonable and competitive interest rates, respectful customer service, short and quick application process.
As a Borrower, you are able to complete a simple credit application and get a pre-approval without any upfront cost for processing fees. This allow you to compare our rates with that of other lenders.
Once you are comfortable with the quote and have submitted all the required documents, we will have the funds in your hand within 24 hours.
Our Loans have No Prepayment penalties so you can always close your loan at anytime and save significantly on the interest charges.
Regions Financial Services' Community Guidelines
Open communication is the core of any good relationship, and that’s why we like hearing from our customers on Facebook! That said, our industry is highly regulated and we respect the privacy of our customers, so we follow certain rules and ask you to do the same. Comments are encouraged, but we may delete content that doesn’t fit within our community guidelines.
• Stay on topic. We want to share content and create discussions around topics that will help people interested in loan solutions. This is not a space for others to promote a product or service, or drive traffic to a particular website for personal, political, or monetary gain.
• Be respectful. Content that’s false, inaccurate, libelous or otherwise misleading will be removed. Additionally, profane, obscene, inappropriate, disruptive, discriminatory, hateful commentary isn’t tolerated here.
• This is public – protect your privacy! We want to respond to individuals who reach out to us, but it may not be appropriate to do so publicly. To avoid back and forth and get a quicker solution, the best way for us to help is to take it offline. Please contact our Borrower Support team via phone or email. ([email protected])
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