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CSK Cambio58 1/2 Hagley Park Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-920-9099
Phone: +1 876- 960-9507

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Having seen the success that Yunus Muhammad had with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh in assisting the poor to improve their lives, Mr. Hubert Kerr a Jamaican with an intense love for his country, Senior Marine Pilot, serial entrepreneur and himself of humble origins founded CSK Internet and Small Loans Limited.
This was done due to the burning desire he had of helping ordinary Jamaicans achieve financial independence.
CSK was incorporated as a Limited Liability company on June 23, 2008 and commenced operations shortly thereafter offering small loans to the general public as well as internet café services.
One of the principles that link CSK Internet and Small Loans Limited with the illustrious Grameen Bank is that “loans are better than charity to alleviate the suffering of the poor”.
This is so as loans taken with the aim of funding a business activity can give the poor the opportunity to increase earnings and also repay the loan.
This thereby allows the poor to begin the climb out of poverty.
CSK Internet and Small Loans Limited having been founded with this principle of helping the poor through loans, lives its motto ‘Empowering You to Uplift Yourself’.
Over the years we have evolved and have seen us discontinuing the internet café for strategic reasons and adding a Bank of Jamaica licensed Cambio to trade foreign currency with the general public.
CSK now has two locations, one at 58 ½ Hagley Park Road and our second and newest location at Newport West which was opened in March 2014.
CSK while showing some growth over the years is still a small company employing eleven (11) highly motivated, qualified and professional staff members.
CSK having provided small business and personal loans in addition to foreign currency trading has recently added to its suite of services, Moneygram, JN Money Transfer, Credit Top Up and Bill Payment.
CSK is a member of the Cambio Association of Jamaica.
We are also Credit Information Provider to the credit bureaus, Credit Info and CRIFnm.
Track Record
CSK Internet and Small Loans Limited is a company that believes in transparency, accountability and integrity.
This is reflected in our interaction with all our stakeholders which include regulatory bodies, customers, staff and suppliers.
CSK as a result of the way we do business has a high rate of repeat and loyal customers.
The Future
For the future CSK will recommit itself to helping the poor with more business loans to small business persons and seek ways to get involved in the communities in which we operate.
6-12 Newport Blvd Kingston 13 Jamaica
6-12 Newport Blvd Kingston 13 Jamaica
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