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Our Blue Mountains are special for those who live there, despite the transport difficulties and the limited economic opportunities. But also special, we hope, for both local and foreign visitors.
We would love to welcome you, our guests, into our homes, or on a hike, or on a tour... that means pleasure for you, and an income and the beginnings of a livelihood for the many who don't have work in the formal sector.
To assist this purpose, we have formed the Blue Mountain Tourism Initiative, a group of community-minded people who would like to help develop the potential of the area for the enjoyment of visitors and the benefit of those who live there.
The second initiative was a different group of us, some from the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTECH), discovering a mutual interest in exploring the mountains, by foot or vehicle... or (maybe one day) by donkey???
We have decided to 'resurrect' the Blue Mountain Club, a very active hiking club attached to Excelsior High School in the 1970s.
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