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Sweet, succulent lychee

Source: The Gleaner: 
Definition for lychee:
litchi: Chinese fruit having a thin brittle shell enclosing a sweet jellylike pulp and a single seed; often dried.
Lychee fruit does not ripen after picking, unlike other tropical fruits such as mangoes, avocados and bananas. If lychee fruit is picked early, it is almost always bitter and often leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Often large commercial fruit growers pick their fruit prematurely in order to get it into the marketplace when the wholesale prices are higher.
If lychee fruit is properly harvested, at the peak of ripeness, it is delicious, sweet and fragrant. Taste statistics indicate that 91 per cent of people who try properly ripened and harvested lychee fruit find the experience excellent.
Lychees are in abundance in Jamaica this year, so much so that the price per pound is $200 compared to $500-$600 last year. This should be an incentive to farmers in the cooler parts of St Catherine, Manchester and St Mary.
But, apart from simply peeling and eating in the same way you would a guinep, did you know that it makes a delicious lemonade? Just ask Colin Hylton at Guilt Trip. And of course, the canned variety is used in many cakes and other desserts and, most important, martinis. Above are some recipes for the fresh fruit.
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Lychee Cocktail
1oz dark rum
1/4oz cherry brandy
1oz sweet and sour mix
1tsp sugar
3 Lychees, pitted & peeled
1. Blend thoroughly in blender.
2. Pour into 14oz glass.
3. Garnish with a lime wheel and a maraschino cherry.
Lychee Margarita
1 cup lychee juice
1 cup lime juice (about 8 limes)
11/3 cup lemon juice (about 1 lemon)
1/2 cup water
2tbs grated lime zest
1tbs grated lemon zest
1tbs grated orange zest
1/4 cup sugar
3tbs of salt
11/2 cups tequila
11/2 cups Triple Sec
1. Combine the juices, water, zests and sugar.
2. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat.
3. Simmer on low heat, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes.
4. Rub the rims of your glasses with the leftover lime rind or lychees, then dip the rims in salt.
5. Fill the glasses halfway with ice.
6. Strain the juice through a fine sieve into a pitcher or cocktail shaker.
7. Add the tequila, Triple Sec and crushed ice.
8. Stir or shake 30 seconds and strain into the glasses.
Lychee Daiquiri
11/2 oz white rum
1tsp fine sugar
1oz of lychee juice
Crushed ice
1. Place rum, sugar, and lychee juice in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice.
2. Shake swiftly - do not over-mix.
3. Strain thoroughly into a cocktail glass and serve at once.