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HydroFarmz Jamaica - Rural Hydroponics Production

HydroFarmz is based on hydroponic production, where there exists the production of vegetables within an adjusted greenhouse environment. It's a great option for my community because a lot of land is not required for production in this system and training for community members is very practical.
What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics is a technique used to grow plants in water that is enriched with essential nutrients and there is no use of soil in the growing process. Hydroponics: reduces water usage by 90% in comparison to traditional agriculture, uses little or zero pesticides, reduces the use of fertilizers and reduces energy consumption.
(Hydroponics Nutrient Film Technique)
This initiative is of extreme importance because it will help me to fulfill my dreams of creating job opportunities and improving local and national agriculture.
The great minds that contribute to this initiative, will help to improve agricultural production in Jamaica and most importantly, improve employment rates within the community of Ritchies, Clarendon, Jamaica.
What We Need & What You Get
  • We hope to raise our target funding of $15000 through Indiegogo, which is required to initiate the construction phase and begin production.
  • The contributions will be used to purchase:
  1. A pH meter
  2. An electrical conductivity (EC) meter
  3. A total dissolved solids (TDS) meter
  4. A temperature meter
  5. Construction materials
  6. Net pots
  7. Water pumps
  8. Nutrients solutions for the system