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Greenwood Plaza142 Greenwood Ave, - Greenwood
Phone: +1 876-953-1116
Phone: +1 876-618-4497
Mobile: +1 876-953-1117
Fax: +1 876-953-1270

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‘’Here we pride ourselves on being able to provide everything for anybody establishing a home. Once you have the land, Greenwood Plaza can support the rest at reasonable prices with low cost delivery service added,’’ said Miss P. with more than a glint of pride in her business accomplishments.
But all the successes at Greenwood could not be achieved without the staff, she said. ‘’It is difficult to single out any one person, whether it is my husband (Trevor Burnett) or any one member of staff. All members of my team work toward the good of us all. Here, we are a family. It just couldn’t have happen without them,’’ she said. Neither could it without its customers and so GPCL arranges special community events as its way of saying thanks.
There has been an annual Christmas Treat for children and the school in the area as well as sponsorship for sportsmen from the community.
Miss P, a lover of Rhythm and Blues music, is most often at work. Whenever she finds the time, she tries to prove she has green fingers by planting what she can and watching growth in a different form take place outside the company. She worships at Calvary Baptist Church in Montego Bay.
Her advice to others would be entrepreneurs is simply this: ‘’Always be there for your customers to give as much as possible personalized service. All parts of the operation are very important.’’
Over time, Greenwood Plaza Company is to be expanded further, with immediate plans now including a pharmacy.
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