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Boston Jerk Grill & ClubMain Street Boston District - Fairy Hill
Phone: +1 876-453-2356

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Boston Jerk Center is an organic, literally home grown, natural mall focused around jerk cooking. It is focused around 7 jerk pits, but jerk, and associated foods, are not the only items for sale there. Fresh fruit juices, or even just fruit, and jewelry are part of the mix, and there's even a resident DJ, DJ Sheppy with his musical shack.
As a truly organic rural community created experience it is also very much a network of related families. This includes some of the usual family dynamics of cooperation and competition. Many of todays jerkmen, have ancestors who were the original jerkmen that gave birth to preparation of jerk for commercial sale. The current primary location of the Boston Jerk Centre is located less than 1/2 mile from the first commercial jerk pit on the planet, and is home to the third and fourth jerk pits that ever existed in the world. These are currently the locations of Ivy's Jerk Centre and Shaggys Jerk Shop, respectively.
Here is the place to find the jerk closest to how jerk originally tasted, as well as taste jerk chicken made by the men who's parents/grandparents were the ones responsible for making it global favorite. Jerk originally started as being about pork, and breadfruit, and has grown to include not only chicken, but fish, lobster, and conch soup. On some parts of the island, people are now even jerking goat, which is more traditionally made into a curry.
You can find out more about the specific jerk centers and vendors by following the links below:
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  • Jewelry
  • DJ Sheppy
 If you're interested in more history, some of the history of Portland, or to learn about other gems of the Parish of Portland you can follow either of the next couple of links:
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  • Portland
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.
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