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Abba Jahnehoy PlaceWhitehall 3, Good Hope - Negril
Phone: +1 876-578-9578

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Abba Jahnehoy Place is part of an overall concept conceived by Janhoi Jaja a Rastafarian/photographer with a vision of creating a Rastafarian centre in Negril, Jamaica.
Abba Jahnehoy Place is a showcase of natural living. As you walk through the large gates you are greeted with the message 'One Love' with a banner bearing the six point, 'Star of David' in the middle and the five point star at both ends. The lotus flower sits in the middle of both gates. The main house standing three stories high on the highest point within a twenty mile radius, is a vision of majestic wonder with a breathtaking three hundred and sixty degrees view overlooking Negril Point and the great Morass. Here we experience some of the most spectacular and magnificent sunsets.
The house is constructed of wood, stone and glass and uses the finest of old and new world craftsmanship and artisan. Solar/wind power is the preferred source of energy.Collected rainwater is the primary source of water and is purified using charcoal and UV filtration. The property is a natural meditation garden with stone benches, a built in river with a foot bridge spanning it and our unique cave outside shower, the perfect place for meditation.
Abba Jahnehoy Place-"The Rastafarian Experience" is a unique experience. It's about cleansing of the spirit, mind, body and soul.
Abba Jahnehoy Place is looking for volunteers and investors. Our aim is to create and host a range of industries and cultural programs in the areas of food and music. Solar/wind power is the preferred source of energy.
These are just a few examples of ways to compliment and complete the vision of showcasing Rastafarian culture as a vehicle to teach people, provide jobs and fund further projects from which Rastafari-the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie1, can be shown to be more than just a cultural oddity, but a superior way of conscious life.
'The fortunate few should help the unfortunate many'.
Haile Selassie 1.
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