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La Pizzeria26 Hope Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-908 4310
Mobile: +1 876-906 7165

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What’s new at the Grogge Shoppe Restaurant and Mahogany Tree Bar, Devon House?
Pizza, that’s what!
Managing directors Tarquinio Caldarelli and Gloria Palomino are giving denizens of and visitors to Kingston an authentic taste of Northern Italy with the opening of La Pizzeria. 
The outlet, which opened a week ago, is helmed by Massimiliano Proner (Max), who through years of practice and training at his family’s business Corona Pizzeria, Italy, has mastered the art of the in-demand specialty. "I’ve had so much practice in the industry... I was able to successfully make a pizza from the age of seven," he shares "Jamaicans should definitely come out to get a real taste of our pizza. We use, genuine Italian ingredients such as Italian yeast, zucchini and eggplants and, naturally, it’s baked in an original Italian brick oven. Indeed, 11 different types of pizzas are available, as well as three types of pizza patties.
For those not yet ready to tantalise their palates with the not-so-familiar, there are jerk chicken and jerk pork toppings. There’s also ital.
If you’re looking to enjoy a fun night out with a group of friends, then we guarantee you’ll find favour with the (1 yard) pizza-by-the-yard! Other pizza options include bruschetta, margerita and capricciosa.
Not all pizza is made equal, but if you are desirous of a taste of Italy without boarding an aircraft, this is a gateway to la dolce vita!
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