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Club Privilege14 - 16 Trinidad Terrace, New Kingston - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-754-8561

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A Privilege is described as a special advantage enjoyed by a particular group. Club Privilege was built for exactly that purpose we wanted to be a club but with a different vibe, something that had never been attempted yet completely possible, we wanted to carry brands not seen everyday at any given bar.
The name Privilege was the platform, that staged the creating of Club Privilege and whenever we became confused or lost, we reflected back to that word and what it meant.
On December 11 2009 Club Privilege had a story book launch patrons drank from miniature tea cups and every member of staff represented a character from the timeless classic; “Alice in Wonderland”. The public loved it, they knew they should expect many different things from a night club who dared to serve them cocktails in tea cups. Kingston was introduced to a different kind of club, with a real dance floor, real top shelf liquor, a sound system that could vibrate the walls but could still deliver an amazing sound. DJ’s and sound engineers have described our sound system as “EXTRAORDINARY” and a VIP section that could hold more than 50 people.
In the short time since Club Privilege’s launch, we have accomplished so much and have become a trendsetter to even those who are veterans in the business. Local and International stars have partied at Club Privilege, Club Privilege plays host to 160 high end liquors unknown to Jamaica’s local distributors, we consider it a Privilege.
Who is Club Privilege catering to? We’ve said this many times before the partying masses of the world and the hearts of all Jamaicans.
Privileges Include:
Red Velvet Super VIP Lounge – Holds 1 – 60 Guests
Blue Velvet Secluded Vip Lounge – Holds 1 – 30 Guests
The Club Privilege Dance Floor
Over 800 Square Feet
4 Sync Spot Light And Spectrum Filter
Mood Lighting Laced Walls
Dual Laser Emission Beams
Champagne Bar – Housing 92 Renowned Spirits & 5 Globally Coveted Top End Champagne
Main Bar – Housing 31 Renowned Spirits
Specially Customized Bar Menus, Tabs & Sprits Offering Available
Female Restroom – 2 Large Mirrors And 4 Personal Cubicles
Male Restroom – 1 Large Mirror And 2 Personal Cubicles
6 Large Wall Mounted Display LCD Monitors And 1 Mega Sized
Houses 1 – 650 Guests
The Use Of Parking Facilities Which Can Be Arranged
Hosting Private Parties
Fund Raisers
Birthday Parties
Album Release Parties
Charity Functions
Launch Parties
Videography & Photography Shoots Also Accommodated
Anything you can Imagine Club Privilege can achieve.
We recommend you expect it all when you come here, Club Privilege, excellence in service and Uniqueness in experience, where everyone is Privileged!
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