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Studio Mortimer4 Central Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-542-1606
Phone: +1 876-812-4547

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Studio Mortimer is a studio/art making/art practice entity registered under the Registration of Companies Act in Jamaica.
Our Drawing Fundamentals Course is fully approved by NCTVET. (NCTVET is a national certifying body which approves courses in Technical Vocational Education and Training).
As an institution of practice and learning, Studio Mortimer is purposefully engaged in empowering persons who are desirous of achieving mastery and success in the field of Visual Arts and Artisanship.
We are dedicated to teaching Classical as well as Academic drawing techniques as well as anatomy of the figure and head so that our students can master the human form.
All our courses are geared towards helping our students to focus on the importance of proportional accuracy, shadow and light, colour and colour perception, and the fine details that bring their practice and imagination to life on paper and canvas.
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