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Island Art & Framing20 Barbican Road - Kingston
Phone: 876-977-0318
Phone: +1 876-927-1689

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Our frame manufacturing is how Island Art & Framing started and is the core of our business.
“You Name It We Frame It!” is our slogan because Island Art & Framing with it� ��s professional and efficient staff can frame absolutely anything including certificates, photographs, mirrors, acrylics or oils on canvas, watercolors on paper, T-shirts etc. We import some of our framing materials but also buy and manufacture some in Jamaica.
Our style of framing varies from simple to exotically unique with creative combinations that enhance the beauty of photos and artwork.
Island art & Framing sells a wide and unique variety of both Jamaican and International art.
From famous collectors art by artists such as Albert Huie to new, modern, young Jamaican art by artists such as Mabusha Dennis and Shaun Reid, Island art & Framing has just about every style, every size, every price, every type of art painted in Jamaica!
We have landscapes, floral, abstracts, portraits and nudes.
The Island Art & Framing team puts great emphasis on supporting young, new, talented artists and would like to encourage those out there with interest and talent to give their artistic talents a try.
Island Art & Framing has a huge selection of Jamaican and International art and home decor items that can transform any abode into an exquisite living space.
Nicola and Nicky are always willing to offer refreshing and new decorating tips and design advice for all customers. Island art & Framing sells Jamaican wooden carvings and bowls, Jamaican ceramics, waste-paper baskets, dinnerware, place-mats, lamps, throw cushions, decorative floral arrangements and orchids, egg-shell art, Haitian hand-painted wall decor art, International rugs, lamps with shades, ceramics, ceramic plant holders, candle holders, magazine racks, jewelery holders, clocks, chess sets, vases, decorative balls, figurines and much more.
We also offer gift certificates, custom made gift baskets and wedding registry service.
Is land Art & Framing Mission Statement
Our Mission is to provide a great work environment through our highly motivated and well-trained team.
We embrace diversity as an essential component in the way we do business as we endeavor to apply the highest standard of excellence in the purchasing and manufacturing of our products which include exquisite Jamaican art, locally hand crafted hardwood furniture, a wide selection of international and local craft and the most beautiful framing.
We undertake the delivery of professionally done framing, personalized to suit each customer. We are here to cater to the peculiarities and eccentricity of each and every one of our customers and to treat each request with the respect and attention it deserves.
We do custom design furniture;We manufacture 100% Jamaican hardwood furniture.
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