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Borderlink Couriers LtdShop 5, 36 Burlington Ave - Kingston
Phone: 1 876-359-8021

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Borderlink Couriers Ltd is a freight forwarding and consolidation company based in Kingston, Jamaica. We provide our customers with a seamless, hassle-free and affordable option for receiving packages and mail by air in Jamaica. Ship from anywhere in the world to our Florida address and receive your packages in Jamaica in record time.
We offer individual and corporate clients dedicated air freight services with two shipment dates per week. We enable freedom of access to online shopping, overseas business opportunities and basic import infrastructure. At Borderlink Couriers, the core of our business is efficient and effective business practices complimented by first class service and a family oriented culture. Our commitment to customers complimented by our team’s diverse experience in the shipping industry as well as ongoing improvements to our system and service enables us to cater to a broad clientele and positions us as a reliable provider for an increasingly popular logistics service. Our partnership with key players in the industry provides our customers with the assurance that they will receive priority service when it is most needed and helps us to provide a holistic solution for all.
Borderlink Couriers Ltd is a proud member of the Kaizen Group of Companies which includes Webdealsja (Kaizen Technologies Ltd), Kaizen Auto Brokers Ltd and Visucom Global Solutions.
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