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ShipMe1 Ripon Road - Kingston
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Hi there! We know you’re probably eager to get started with your online shopping, but before you do, we thought you’d like to know a little bit more about us.
Our story began in December 2011, when we opened our doors to the very first ShipMe clients. Our aim was to provide you with a fast, simple and affordable way to have your favorite overseas brands and hard-to-get items delivered straight to you. Since then, our team has more than tripled in size and we’ve grown from serving hundreds to serving thousands of ShipMe clients.
When you create a ShipMe account, you aren’t just fulfilling your need for an affordable package delivery service. You are also making the choice to be an integral part of our growing family. Getting your packages is as much about being efficient as it is about building our relationship with you. All of our interactions are based on the solid belief that you, our clients, are the most important piece of our puzzle. ShipMe’s solutions have been carefully tailored to meet your needs and we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to improve your experience with us. Our driving force is, and always has been, our commitment to providing you with the best and most efficient shipping experience in Jamaica.
We know we didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel but we like to think we made it more efficient and a lot more accessible and reliable for our fellow Jamaicans. We hope you enjoy having the world at your fingertips as much as we’ve enjoyed making it possible for you. Welcome to our family!
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