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Newport - Fersan (Jamaica) Ltd2A-2B Wherry Wharf Complex, Newport East - Kingston
Phone: +1876-967-5815
Phone: +1 876-967-5561

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Newport Fersan is one of the nation's leading suppliers of fertilizers. We are a trusted name in the industry, because we don't sell a bag of fertilizer. We sell a bag of solutions.
Anybody can sell a bag of fertilizer but our fertilizer comes with service which sets us apart with respect to competitors. In selling you a bag of fertilizer, we supply a bag full of solutions together with the transferring of technology and knowledge to each farmer who uses our products.
We use cutting-edge technology, because of our ongoing investment in research and development, this is what informs the Newport Fersan's precise nutrition programmed which accounts for our growing popularity among farmers.
Precise nutrition
We prescribe precise nutrition - no more, no less. It's like a family type doctor for plants. So we visit your farm, take soil samples and send the samples to a lab and in those results we know what the soil can provide. We know what the crop requires and we can determine how much nutrient to apply to supply the right amount of nutrient to that crop to obtain the highest possible yields.
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