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Falmouth Jamaica is the capital and largest town in Trelawny parish. It is a small town of less than 15,000, yet it is world renown as Royal Caribbean’s Falmouth Port of Call.
It is popularly known by the name, “Historic Falmouth,” because of its rich history as a major shipping port in the slavery era when sugar was king.
Each week, the small Jamaican town hosts several large cruise ships, including the joint largest cruise ships in the world, sister ships Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas.
The port will be extended soon to accommodate Harmony of the Seas and its sister ship. These new Oasis class vessels will replace Allure and Oasis of the Seas as the largest cruise ships in the world.
This website, Falmouth News, was originally known as We started back in 2010, with the intention of documenting the modern history of the town of Falmouth Jamaica. We did this successfully on and every major event in the town since then had been documented on the site in text, photo or video.
Unfortunately, a database problem wiped out the site and we temporarily gave up on the website. However, initially in 2010, a commitment was made to keep it going as long as possible, so we have now undertaken to resurrect the site and make it even better.
We have lost the original articles, but still have some of the old pictures.
Falmouth News will therefore continue the legacy of The articles on Falmouth News will be shorter and more family friendly. Some will be curated from sites worldwide (as all news sites do), as well as our own original news articles.
As residents of the town, we will keep you abreast with the daily happenings in this old Georgian era seaport town with included pictures and videos (where possible).
Welcome to Falmouth News: Falmouth Jamaica news, videos, pictures, history and views.
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