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Business Access TV Limited11 Trinidad Terrence - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-908-0919
Phone: +1 876-908-2775
Mobile: +1 876-754-4317

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Five years after the creation of Wealth Magazine, the pacesetters Garth Walker and Leighton Davis launch another phase of their master plan, Business Access TV – a fresh, revolutionary breakthrough in Jamaica’s media landscape.
The first business and lifestyle cable channel providing original local content that motivates and inspires.
Business Access TV delivers high quality programmes that promote positive ideas and initiatives to grow wealth and prosperity.
Watch inspiring stories of determined entrepreneurs struggling to overcome challenges to launch successful businesses.
Learn life lessons from the titans of industry and gain valuable insight into how they built their empires.
Business Access TV celebrates achievement and applauds the efforts of those who strive to achieve greatness. Aspire to blaze your own trail.
Explore your creativity and achieve financial independence and economic security while pursuing your passion.
The channel’s programming equips you with the knowledge and tools to carve out your own niche.
Feel the pulse of the business community and monitor the vital signs of the economy.
Find out about new developments and the impact of policies and decisions on the country and you.
Business Access TV guides you through the maze of jargon to gain financial literacy and an understanding of economic issues. It’s no longer business as usual. The time has come to change the game.
BATV puts you at the centre of it all and the power is in your hands.
Tune in to Channel 185 on Flow for an enriching viewing experience backed by professional technical and creative expertise.
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