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TS Chem Cleaning Supplies & Service78 Slipe Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-622-6092

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners, suppliers of a wide range of products & services for your industrial kitchen.
We cater to hotels, restaurants, homes or any organisation that has a kitchen exhaust system.
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners separate itself from the competition by cleaning the entire system beyond the hood in order to prevent potential fire.
Cleaning just the visible portions of your industrial stoves & range hoods are just simply not enough.
Grease buildup inside the hood and exhaust fans that remains unclean are combustible and hazardous.
With Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners, you don’t have to worry, we ensure the job is done right.
 We offer consultation for the proper cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen exhaust.
Why Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners?
At KEC we have the expert knowledge in all areas of your Kitchen Exhaust System and Hood.
This will save you the time and money that all Restaurant Owners need.
• Eliminate several companies coming out to your Kitchen for your Hood System needs by encompassing it into one company that has expert knowledge in all areas.
• Most Hood Cleaners have no knowledge of (ANSUL) Fire Suppression Systems and have a fear of discharging the system during a cleaning, thus not cleaning your detection line and links properly.
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