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Supreme Chemicals Ltd - Bunnys1 Weymouth Close - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-765-8262
Phone: +1 876-933-1864
Mobile: +1 876-934-0966

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Supreme Chemicals formerly Bunny Products was conceived and released in 1972, when it made its entrance into the manufacturing industry with two products, namely eucalyptus oil and oil of wintergreen.
The company embarked on a mission to manufacture over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products which were then only imported from overseas.
Bunny Products was incorporated as a limited liability company on November 13, 1974, and was the first local manufacturer of several (OTC) skin ointments and creams that were used mostly by the poorest in the society.
Today, Supreme Chemicals continues to increase the range of products offered, to satisfy the needs of the domestic market, while it seeks to capitalise on its high international quality and brand Jamaica on the overseas market.
The Company remains committed to the manufacturing of high quality products at affordable prices and is dedicated to ensuring that consumers receive high levels of service.
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