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Crystal Clean Chemicals136 Barry Street, Downtown - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-922-6401

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Crystal Clean Chemicals & Wholesale is a customer friendly business that produces a broad range of products used on a day to day basic. With a portfolio of specialty businesses, Crystal Clean Chemicals & Wholesale works with customers to deliver the best quality products at the lowest price while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability. Its market-driven approaches taken advantage of superior service and products which is geared towards customer satisfaction and environmental protocols.
Below are list of products and what each products are used for :
Dish-washing Liquid - used in your kitchen to wash up plates,pots,cups ect.
Multipurpose Soap- can use to wash light clothes,bath,wash dishes,wash car ect.
Delicate Wash- Is used for baby clothes,under wear & any light clothes you have at home.
Laundry Detergent Soap - This is a very concentrated soap that is use in your washing machine to wash sheet,white shirts & Jeans Pants.
Fabric Softener - Is use when you finish wash your clothes to give it that soft feeling and that nice smell that left on your clothes when its dry.
Fabuloso - Use to wipe out your room,kitchen,bathroom,table top,fridge and it leave that nice fragrance around the house.
Degreaser & Cleaner - Is use to take away grease from car engine,stove,fridge,table top can also use to clean your bathroom.
Floor Stripper - Is use to clean up any black spot that is on any tiles or greasy floor when you used this product your floor looks bran new again.
Tile Cleaner - Is use clean old or new tile and leave that shiny look after finish its like your tile is brad new.
Disinfectant - Use to clean your bathroom or use to pour in any drain after cleaning.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Is use to clean the stain from your toilet after using this product you don't need to buy a new toilet.
Drain Cleaner - is use to clear all those small things that clog up your kitchen after washing your dishes & help great in your bathroom pipe.
Glass Cleaner - Use to clean car glass , office window,home window.
Armourall - Used on your car tyre & inside your vehicle.
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