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Fosrich Company Limited79 Molynes Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-901-2438

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FosRich Group of Companies Limited is made up of three principal business segments.
These are, FosRich Electrical, FosRich Lighting and FosRich Energy. We are importers and distributors of Electrical, Lighting, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Photo Voltaic Systems, LED Lighting and Induction Lighting Products.
Fosrich Co Ltd range of Electrical Products includes, but is not limited to: panels, breakers, copper wires, energy saving bulbs, decorative lights, and ceiling fans.
The company was established in 1993 with only three employees
however, today we boast a staff complement of almost seventy individuals who are committed to exceeding your needs and expectations by displaying the highest levels of professionalism and customer service found in our industry.
FosRich has become a major wholesaler and retailer of the widest range of electrical products and our organization will always strive to be a leading player in the industry through the use of technology and teaming up with the best skilled individuals available as well as a Management team empowered by our vision to “fostering rich customer service” through service excellence while fostering long term business relationships.
FosRich gave birth to The Lighting World in 2010.
This division of FosRich focuses on providing quality, exquisite, affordable and a wide variety of lighting products to all existing, new and potential customers.
The Board of Directors has long believed that the need for exceptional lighting products was left unfed in the local market and so with this new store the need for Jamaicans to travel to Florida and other places abroad to find quality decorative lighting products, fans and energy saving bulbs no longer exists as we have them all here.
Within a few years of operation The Lighting World has already started to fulfil its mission of ‘Lighting Your World!’
To continue to serve our customers, we started to provide our customers with alternative sources of energy.
Hence, FosRich Energy,” Making solar work for you” opened its doors in July 2011.
We now supply and install solar water heaters, solar photo voltaic system, solar lighting, LED lighting, and Induction lighting products that are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor conditions.
Using these products will not only save on or eliminate your electricity bill, but provide the extra security for your homes and businesses.
Our Energy division provides free site visits and lighting audits.
From this information, customers can make decisions on whether to purchase partial solar powered systems or take their home or business completely off the energy grid.
FosRich Energy our new Division will take care of all your energy efficient lighting and solar needs.
The Energy Division has qualified engineers with expertise in Electrical, Electronics and Alternative energy along with certified Professional Engineer makes up the technical staffing.
The division is able to tackle not just light residential projects, but large multi complex Electrical/Energy projects.
As a major distributor of lighting, electrical and solar energy products, we take great pride in being able to serve some of Jamaica's outstanding corporate and government entities with a full range of lighting products, cables, PL panel, industrial circuit breakers, solar water heaters and solar energy systems to produce hot water and electricity to power homes and offices.
The key reasons for our success and growth over the years are our Customer Service Attitude, Quality Range of Products as well as our Competitive Pricing Structure.
WE SERVE YOU BETTER is one of our tag lines that we live by as all customers, whether large or small are treated as they deserve - NUMBER ONE! This great service wins our customers' admiration island wide.
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