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Iree Solar29 Burlington Ave Kng 10 - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-968-4733

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IREE Solar is focused on providing cutting edge, cost effective renewable energy solutions for families and businesses concerned about rising energy costs and environmental pollution. Utilizing the abundant solar energy present every day allows individuals and businesses to decrease their utility expenses and reduce harmful emissions to the environment.
IREE Solar water heating systems are widely used in both residential and commercial applications to provide hot water even when it is slightly cloudy. Installing an IREE Solar water heater is the perfect choice for persons wanting to become part of the “Green Solution”.
IREE Solar power systems allow both residential and commercial owners to generate their own electricity using the sun's energy and sell any excess electricity back to the national electric grid. Our systems are efficient, durable, and cost effective.
IREE Solar LED lighting solutions allow clients to replace inefficient lights to much more energy efficient LED lights for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our LED lights can be powered using solar panels or using the national electric grid.
Our high-tech products are aesthetically appealing, designed for quick and easy installation on any structure and promote the use of solar energy - a clean, limitless, and free energy source used in place of traditional fossil fuel. We offer various financing arrangements for all our products.
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