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Police Stations in St. James49 Union Street - Montego Bay
Phone: +1 876-940 3500
Phone: +1 876-952-5381
Mobile: +1 876-952 5380

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St. James is a suburban parish, located on the north-west end of the island of Jamaica. Its capital is Montego Bay (derived from the Spanish word manteca (lard) because many wild hogs were found there, from which lard was made).
Montego Bay was officially named the second city of Jamaica, behind Kingston, in 1981, although Montego Bay became a city in 1980 through an act of the Jamaican Parliament. The parish is the birthplace of the Right Excellent Samuel Sharpe (died 1833), one of Jamaica's seven National Heroes.


Adelphi Station

8 Adelphi Main Road
Adelphi, Saint James
Phone: (876) 912-1026

Barnett Street

14 Barnett Street
Montego Bay, Saint James
Phone: (876) 952-2333
Phone: (876) 952-3781

Immigration (Airport)

Sangster Intl Airport
Montego Bay, Saint James
Phone: (876) 952-6733

Immigration (HQ)

49 Union Street
Montego Bay, Saint James
Phone: (876) 684-9699

Montego Bay (New)

49 Union Street
Montego Bay, Saint James
Phone: (876) 940-3500
Phone: (876) 952-5381
Mobile: (876) 952-5380

Mount Salem

Mount Salem Main Road
Mount Salem, Saint James
Phone: (876) 953-3572
Phone: (876) 952-4997

Police Station Amity Hall

Amity Hall Main Road
Amity Hall, Saint James
Phone: (876) 804-6432
Phone: (876) 610-6212

Police Station Anchovy

Anchovy Main Road
Anchovy, Saint James
Phone: (876) 956-4100

Police Station Barrett Town

Little River Boulevard
Barrett Town, Saint James
Phone: (876) 953-7899

Police Station Cambridge

Ducketts Main Road
Cambridge, Saint James
Phone: (876) 912-2266

Police Station Coral Garden

Rose Hall Main Road
Rose Hall , Saint James
Phone: (876) 953-2229
Phone: (876) 953-3665

Police Station Granville

64 Chambers Drive
Granville, Saint James
Phone: (876) 952-3337

Ports St. James

Donald Sangster Airport
Montego Bay, Saint James
Phone: (876) 684-9080

Sangsters Port

Sangsters Airport
Montego Bay, Saint James
Phone: (876) 952-2241

Spring Mount

Spring Mount Main Road
Spring Mount, Saint James
Phone: (876) 424-8938


Sunset Boulevard
Summit, Saint James
Phone: (876) 952-4823
Phone: (876) 952-2927
Mobile: (876) 758-3573
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