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Police Stations in ClarendonSt Mary, Pompano Tower Isle - Clarendon Park
Phone: +1 876-975-5439

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Clarendon (capital May Pen) is a parish in Jamaica. It is located on the south of the island, roughly halfway between the island's eastern and western ends. Located in the county of Middlesex, it is bordered by Manchester on the west, Saint Catherine in the east, and in the north by Saint Ann.


Police Station Chapelton

Chapelton Main Road
Chapelton, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 987-2244

Police Station Crofts

Crofts Hill Main Road
Crofts, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 966-7333

Police Station Exeter

Exeter Main Road
Exeter, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 987-4186

Police Station Four Paths

25 Main Street
Four Paths, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 987-0429

Police Station Frankfield

Frankfield Main Road
Frankfield, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 904-4507

Police Station Hayes

Hayes Main Road
Hayes, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 986-5130

Police Station Lionel Town

Bustamante Drive
Lionel Town, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 986-3207
Phone: (876) 986-3233
Mobile: (876) 986-3603

Police Station May Pen

61/2 Gordon Street
May Pen, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 902-4169

Police Station Milk River

Scotts Main Road
Milk River, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 610-6372
Phone: (876) 404-5170

Police Station Mocho

Mocho Main Road
Mocho, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 786-0826

Police Station Rock River

Rock River Main Road
Rock River, Clarendon
Phone: (876) 350-8193
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