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Jamaican Motorcyclist AssociationKingston - All Island
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The Jamaican Motorcyclist Association (JMA) was formed in 2015, comprising of a group of motorcycle riders, advocates and enthusiasts who recognized the urgent need to assist in the streamlining of motorcycling and motorcycle safety in Jamaica.
By providing the necessary platform needed to educate riders in safety, road code and the road traffic act, the JMA aims to assist the Government with the implementation and formulation of suitable regulations for motorcyclists, the regulation of laws governing the importation or exportation of motorcycles, parts and accessories, the quality control of the standard of motorcycle safety equipment, formulating programs to aid in the compliance of laws and the reduction of the current fatality rates, as we focused on helping to preserve the future of motorcycling and motorcyclists’ interest in Jamaica.
The Association currently consists of twelve (12) members, with varied degrees of motorcycle knowledge and combined years of experience in the motorcycling, mechanical and motorsports industries. Majority of the members are motorcyclists or are involved in the industry, and all share a common goal in achieving a safe riding environment in Jamaica.
It is our intention to work side by side with Government agencies and other local organizations, in an effort to not only address the safety needs of motorcycling, but to also assist in creating a motorcycle culture and industry that would be favorable to visiting motorcycle enthusiasts and industries from around the world. We aim to becoming a platform for which other motorcycling organizations throughout the Caribbean can model, and are determined to presenting motorcycling as a safe viable interest for our nation’s tourism industry.
We would like to provide all motorcycle riders, enthusiasts, industry related people & motorcycle groups with information on motorcycle safety, motorcycle legislation, motorcycle news, motorcycling information and rider skill knowledge.
With the growing rate in fatalities due to motorcycle accidents, we will use this forum to help promote proper motorcycle safety practices, information on motorcycle safety gears & equipment, and to assist enthusiasts in becoming safe motorcycle riders.
Our Riding programs will be developed, geared on promoting safety through the provision of the necessary skill sets needed to operate motorcycles.
Seminars, workshops and rallies will be carried out throughout the island, to promote our mission in getting Jamaican motorcyclists safer and to further encourage safety amongst all road users.
We will be lobbying with Government agencies and other organizations to assist in revamping & creating legislation that will encourage a healthy motorcycling industry, and promote the growth of motorcycle tourism in Jamaica.
We would like to assist all areas of motorcycling from the enthusiast to the motorcycle businesses, to ensure a positive growth of the industry for our nation's future motorcyclists.
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