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Jamaica Customer Service Association39 Hope Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-978-8668
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A premier Association that transforms individuals and organisations into world-class service providers while raising service standards nationally and delighting customers beyond expectations.
Premier Association
  • The leading organisation of change which uses service excellence as a transformational tool.
  • Transforms individuals and organisations
  • The focus on a high level of human capital development will lead to the development of vibrant and sustainable organisations and the economy.
  • World-class service provider
  • Service Providers who uses 21st Century methods and technology to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and best-in-class global status.
  • Raising service standards nationally
  • The attainment of an evolved culture of service excellence throughout the society will become the driver of growth, the enabler of economic prosperity and the platform for achieving social engineering and transformation.
  • Delighting customers beyond expectations
  • To deliver the wow factor to customers consistently and convincingly everytime!
  • To promote the development and awareness of customer service excellence through research, education, training and networking.
Strategic Priorities:
  • To support, develop and work directly with our member organisations, private sector, educational institutions and the government to foster improved understanding of the role and need for service excellence in the process of national development.
  • To establish and nurture the highest standards of performance and ethic among professionals in the customer service field and all citizens of Jamaica.
  • To facilitate interaction among service practitioners and professionals.
  • To encourage research, analysis and feedback on customer service matters.
  • While Agriculture (6.4%) and Industry (29.1%) are important contributing sectors of the economy, the Service Sector has assumed considerable significance, accounting for 64.5% of GDP.
Service Excellence seeks to bring together what is best in the Jamaican character and values and make these the bedrock for improving our service to each other, build strong caring communities, strong profitable businesses, and a strong economy.
The society is bedevilled with unacceptably high levels of crime and violence undergirded by generally crude behaviour and poor service delivery. There is a need for a more genteel, disciplined and caring society.
Jamaica has considerable human resources which have demonstrated a remarkable resilience, intuitiveness, innovation, talent and resourcefulness. Undoubtedly these can be used to transition the country to a position of paradigm agility and competitive advantage.
Our country’s economic survival in the global market place, improving national productivity and enhancing the quality of life for all Jamaicans rely on Service Excellence.
Service Excellence seeks to bring together what is best in the Jamaican character and values and make these the bedrock for improving our service to each other, build strong caring communities, strong profitable businesses, and a strong economy.
In order to perform effectively in the provision of such services JaCSA should draw upon the nation’s collective strengths and expertise to mobilize an appropriate vehicle –RISE Jamaica.
To assist the process, JaCSA will:
  • Launch and Operationalize a National Customer Service Campaign for Jamaica;
  • Work with private and public sector organisations, institutions and individuals to celebrate National Customer Service Week while raising awareness about Service Excellence;
  • Continue to create and develop relevant custom-designed transformational service excellence products (including the PSOJ/JaCSA Service Excellence Award, conferences and workshops;
  • Build on its operational strength by developing an innovative, efficient and sustainable membership organisation to support a 21st Century Service Excellence movement.
  • The Jamaica Customer Service Association was established in December 2001 as the Customer Service Association of Jamaica. It grew out of the spontaneous recognition of the need for such an organization expressed during a workshop organized for the National Housing Development Corporation by Productivity Plus Limited – human resource development consultants. The name was later changed to the Jamaica Customer Service Association (JaCSA).
A strategic partner of the International Customer Service Association, JaCSA has forged strategic alliances with world leaders in the field, combining local and foreign expertise to address critical customer service issues.
The association has successfully hosted twelve (12) Service Excellence conferences each year with hundreds of participants and a host of international speakers, speakers from the public sector and leading customer service organizations sharing in this unforgettable learning experience. Similarly, JaCSA has hosted annual Customer Satisfaction Workshops and a number of CEO forums and consultations.
Our certification programme ‘Through the Customer’s Eyes – The Caribbean Perspective’ has been developed through collaboration with the International Customer Service Association joined with Rockhurst University Continuing Education Centre – National Seminars Group. The first international certification graduation ceremony was held in 2007 and we have hosted eight (8) graduation ceremonies to date with over 380 open market participants and 240 within organisations such as NHT, HEART Trust NTA, UDC and BCIC. These participants are now internationally certified through the Association.
Former Governor General Professor Kenneth Hall declared the first full week of October annually as national Customer Service Week. In endorsing the week in 2008, the Governor General encouraged all citizens of Jamaica to join the Jamaica Customer Service Association (JaCSA) in recognition of and thanksgiving for customers and service providers of this country, the services provided and the invaluable contribution which service providers make to the quality of life of our nation. This historic event was timely, coinciding with the observance of International Customer Service Week and the national celebration of our athletes who participated in the 29th Olympiad in Beijing, China.
JaCSA has been collaborating with the PSOJ through the continued implementation of the PSOJ/...
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