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Jamaica 4-H Clubs95 Old Hope Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-927-4050

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The Jamaica 4-H Clubs was established in April 1940 as a merger between the juvenile arm of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) and the Jamaica Welfare Limited, now known a s the Social Development Commission (SDC).
The Clubs was formed as a means of imparting specialised training to youth.
The Organisation is a Statutory Body funded through Central Government under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries.
The effective implementation of programmes and projects required to achieve the Organisation’s mission is facilitated through partnerships with Public and Private Sector agencies as well as International Organisations.
This mix provides financial support through grants, donations, bursaries and scholarships as well as technical support.
The Clubs is an amalgamation of parish organisations operating under the Jamaica 4-H Clubs Act, 1966 and the Jamaica 4-H Clubs Regulations, 1972.
The Regulations of 1972 establish the Area Advisory Councils (Parish Advisory Councils) and the Island Advisory Council (IAC), and sets out their functions, memberships, officers, and general operating guidelines.
The Jamaica 4-H Clubs Act, (1966) establishes the Board of Management, functions of the Board, as well as guidelines related to Funds and Resources of the Board, Borrowing Powers, Appointment of Officers and general operating procedures.
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