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Jamaica Organization For Youth (Rotary Club)Savanna la Mar

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The goal of The Jamaica Organization for Youth (J.O.Y.) is to give opportunities to the needy children of Jamaica by providing them with technology and encouraging its use in schools and community centers.
By utilizing the resources and cooperation of our corporate and individual sponsors, J.O.Y.
  • obtains donations of technology
  • operates workshops in communities throughout Jamaica
  • coordinates ground, sea and air transportation
  • clears shipments through customs
  • teaches the art of refurbishing
  • distributes refurbished computers to needy schools
  • encourages teachers, students and communities to get involved in the process
  • provides local support of technology by teaching skills to community based people
  • administers volunteer services
  • has tax/duty free status from the Ministry of Finance of Jamaica
J.O.Y. is represented by individuals who live all around the world and who share a special love for Jamaica. Members’ efforts are coordinated by communicating over the World Wide Web (internet) through the high tech route of eMail and IRC meetings.