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The Unique EaterySpanish Town
Phone: 876-784-9110
Mobile: 876-839-4620 Whatsapp

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We pop-up in your community, scheme, area and district. PLUS we deliver to you. Hard food and fruits grocery shopping. 
Order online while being at home and can't be bothered to go to the shop? Or cannot make it to market this week?. Or, you want to Avoid Covid-19 interactions. Are you tired of rice and feel for some hard food?.
Well we are here to help ease that that. We are here to assist and make it less hassling for you.
We will bring your: 2 x bundles of Callaloo {chopped or not, your choice], 1/2lb x Carrots, 2x Onions { Or, couple starks of escallion}. 1 sweet pepper, 3 scotch bonnet peppers.
Hard food: Your 1lb x Yam, 1/2 dozen {or dozen depending on how many your feeding} fingers of banana- 1/2lb x pumpkin, Dasheen, sweet potato maybe? etc.
Want us to bring 2lb of flour also? .Will that help?
So you Feel for Yam? Banana, Potatoes, Dasheen?. Watermelon, Ripe Banana, seasonal fruits?. 
Callaloo, Bok Choy or Cabbage? Cucumber, Lettuce, or PEAR?.
Maybe Sweet peppers, okra?, escallion, hot peppers, etc.
The Unique Eatery: Ground Provisions Food and Fruit; is Located on the Outskirts of Spanish Town.
Our pop up features Incl: Mercury Gardens, Bellevue Heights, Point Hill Schemes such as: ST Johns Heights to Bendon to Spanish Ridge to Cherry Gardens OR Vintage Gardens, Lewis Villa. Even hill tops like NeesBerry Grove to Kitson Town to Old Road and Surrounding areas.
To find out when we are in your area shoot us a message. You want to to order some ground food provisions, as you feel for callaloo and Hard food? No problem we will deliver to you. Delivery from 6am [ just in time for breakfast. Until late].
You can whatsapp, Call, Text 876-784-9110 or Whatsapp ONLY: 876-839-4620 to find out when were in your town. 
Thank you for making The Unique Eatery, your Unique Experience.
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