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Tropex Distbutors (Ja) Ltd4 Point View Close - Saint Andrew
Phone: +1 876-942-9618

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At Tropex Jamaica we’re here to service your Coffee and Tea requirements.
Our inventory of products includes:
Ice Tea Products
Fresh-brewed China Mist iced tea with “free on loan” brewing and dispensing equipment and China Mist’s Tea-Loving-Care which includes analysis of your brewing & dispensing systems, design of water conditioning systems, staff training, and scheduled preventive maintenance on all provided brewers, dispensers and water conditioning systems.
Choose a healthy and refreshing beverage from our range of black, green and herbal iced teas.
Hot Tea Products
Our tea bag program includes a delicious assortment of our popular teas with 9 blends in all, smartly packaged in individual foil bags.
Compatible tea groupings are suggested for ease of selection, or you can choose your own tea blends on your customers’ preferences.
Durable table-side presentation boxes are available, and are a great way to display China Mist premium teabags.
Our high-end tea sachet program includes an assortment of our most popular teas.
Tea Sachets are made from the finest whole leaf teas, encased in a silken sachet bag.
The large sachet bag allows for full expansion of the tea leaves, resulting in a more flavourful cup of tea.
Enjoy the beauty and flavour of a whole-leaf loose tea experience with the convenience of tea bag.
Flavour Syrups & Sauces
Stirling Syrups are made with the finest ingredients, and are said to be the most complex and unsurpassed flavours in the industry.
Whether you are a coffee shop owner, retailer or distributor, your customers will demand Stirling products for their Specialty Coffee
Stirling Sauces are carefully crafted to blend with coffee and bring out the best in each drink.
Each sauce builds on the flavour of Stirling Syrups and brings a warm, creamy and rich texture to your drink.
Try them straight out of the bottle or mixed with a latte, blended in a frappé, or just over ice cream.
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