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Old Harbour News1 East Street - Old Harbour
Phone: +1 876-791-9954

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Old Harbour News is an exclusive online media outlet established August 2013, devoted to the transmission of real time information to the world as developments unfold in Jamaica’s fastest growing residential town. Through this medium aims to deliver accurate information to its 50,000 (STATIN 2011-2012 population census) residents in near real time fashion daily. Our coverage includes facts and developments in news, sports, entertainment and business. Given the current media landscape and available platforms, Old Harbour News offers global reach, connecting with a Diaspora population estimated at 45,000.
The Old Harbour News will attain its stated mission through the pathway of the following objectives:
• Develop a reputation for fair and fearless reporting and opinion articles;
• To build a brand association with local human and business population;
• To become and remain financially sustainable;
• To remain current and relevant;
• To embrace and implement new and cutting edge media technology;
• To use current and developing media platforms for international reach
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