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Jam Yard Equipment Sales & ServicesMandeville
Phone: +1 876-472-2111

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We here at Jam Yard specialize in repair and sales of new and used electronic devices for unbeatable prices,reason being we get the products directly cutting out the middleman making the product cheaper and more affordable for YOU.
Jam Yard can assure you that we do not take part in the illegal sale of items as well as we do not sell stolen/ dysfunctional electronics.
Jam Yard offers a 7 day warranty on all items. JamYard urges all customer to inspect and test the item thoroughly and as long as they please upon accepting,a receipt will be given.
Cash refund only eligible if the good/s are returned within 48 hours AS GIVEN.
If not cash refund will be void and only the warrant stands.
Items are marked and if found to be tampered with the warranty will be void.
JamYard publicly welcomes its members to post and advertise products,
JamYard is not responsible for any transaction conducted between buyers and sellers who are not members of JamYard.
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