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Four Tees (Engineers) LtdLot #5 Port Henderson Road, Bridgeport - Portmore
Phone: +1 876-704-5584
Phone: +1 876-708-9972
Fax: +1 876-988-5165

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Who is Four Tees (Engineers) Ltd?
Four Tees (Engineers) Ltd is a limited liability company that engages in quality assurance and quality control of Civil Engineering materials, specifically geotechnical engineering materials. By performing numerous and extensive tests, we assure and satisfy a client’s need in superior quality.
From the test, we provide the client with a report showing the extent of the quality of material, its characteristics and possibly the point of failure. Ultimately, we aim at increasing the value of all infrastructural work done within Jamaica and the Caribbean by first ensuring the quality in the civil engineering materials used in their construction.
How are we structured?
With collectively 30 years of knowledge and experience, Four Tees (Engineers) Ltd. strives for the best accurate testing and surety in the materials used. Our directors are more than proficient in accurate testing and quality assurance.
These directors ensure the technical and managerial requirements are maintained when weighing the scale between customer satisfaction and integrity.
Qualified laboratory personnel place precision and efficiency high as they execute a test and design reports.
Our staff of experts operate with a hands-on philosophy and prides themselves on their ability to give a more accurate report with the most modern technology at their disposal. Our commitment to superiority and meticulousness acts as another factor in why we have competitive seniority.
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