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JT Refrigeration Services Limited44 Waltham Park Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-631-6027

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At JT Refrigeration Services Limited, our main focus is to improve the vendor-client experience, we took a technological approach.
Now, our clients benefit from our daily monitoring of reefers. And, with our online reefer information system, ReeferPro they can easily access and download daily performance data.
Our innovative system equips us with data on temperature readings, downtime management data, vessel temperature logs and malfunction notes. We can account for every reefer container that has been in our care.
The safe transfer of reefers from vessel to port is our main concern. Therefore, we play an active role throughout terminal operations to ensure the safe landing and loading of reefers. The journey of exports begins with us. And, we exert extreme care from pre-stuffing preparation to the delivery of empty containers to shippers. We ensure all machinery and container parts are in place.
Breakdowns can lead to fluctuating temperatures, putting cargo at risk.
Our team of highly skilled technicians can identify and repair faults from the source. They are certified to troubleshoot and repair refrigeration equipment. Repairs are done on and off-site as the need arise.
We at JT Refrigeration Services Limited will continue to demonstrate our commitment to offering a highly skilled and knowledgeable service team. We aim to redefine your perception of service
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