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Goshen Distributors Ltd 159B Orange Street - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-967-5500
Fax: +1 876-948-4599

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Goshen Distributors Ltd, established in 2002, is a growing all-Jamaican manufacturing and distribution company.
We produce authentic Jamaican foods and distribute international speciality foods that are tailored to meet the lifestyle of today’s consumers.
In 2007, the company established the “Goshen” brand, providing our consumers with authentic, indigenous Jamaican foods.
These include extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, honey, canned ackee, callaloo, Otaheite apples, jerk seasoning and gourmet jams and jellies.
Products under the Goshen brand proudly display the words “100% Jamaican” on the label, as we consider them ambassadors for the finest in Jamaican cuisine.
The Goshen brand is able to stand out by using time-tested blends of different spices and fruits to produce compelling final products.
Goshen Distributors is dedicated to meeting the needs of our consumers by providing products of the highest quality, consistency and by delivering value for money.
We ensure that our products meet the requirements of the Bureau of Standard Jamaica.
Goshen Distributors also provides private labelling to local and international customers upon request.
Extensive market research and analysis is done continuously to ensure consistent product quality and customer satisfaction.
It is our mandate to bring new items to the marketplace that are unique to the Goshen brand.
We welcome the opportunity to forge new partnerships with international distributors.
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