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Papine HighOff Gordon Town Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-977-3186
Phone: +1 876-927-2599
Mobile: +1 876-977-3184

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Papine High School was opened on April 10, 1959 as a Secondary Modern School. It was designed to accommodate 450 students, but opened with 659 on roll (11-15 years old).
In 1961 five (5) classrooms, the Science block and Art and Craft rooms were added. In 1966, Papine Senior School as it was then called was renamed Papine Junior Secondary. In 1973, the school was granted New Secondary status. Students stayed until 17 years of age.
In 1977 the grades 10 and 11 buildings were handed over. On September 1, 1996 Papine Secondary became Papine Comprehensive High and Papine High in September 1999.
Our Mission at Papine High School is to provide an environment which ensures that each member of the institution develops to the highest level of his/her potential, spiritually, physically and academically, thus empowering him/her to take his/her space in the community, country at large and the wider world.
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