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Codex Office SuppliesShop G7 Super-Plus Centre - Mandeville
Phone: +1 876-622-3189

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Codex Office Supplies is Mandeville's premier supplier of stationery, school supplies and computers, computer parts and accessories.
Here at Codex Office Supplies our focus is on delivering a personal service. We aim to provide a cost-effective, friendly, and prompt service to our entire customer base.Our plan is to accomplish this by:
Gaining knowledge of each customer’s office supply needs and usage.
Keep each customer stocked with their necessary supplies. You’ll never have the problem of running out.
Giving supply recommendations to improve our customer’s efficiency and effectiveness.
We stock a wide range of products. Including but not limited to, stationery, paper and ink products, receipt rolls and school supplies. We try our best to carry inventory that satisfies both our current and future customers
We are committed to maintaining a high standard of customer service, with competitive prices, to help our customers in achieving their goals. Being in business is a journey. Let us give you a helping hand.
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