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CeedenS Co Ltd92a Church Street - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-967-2504

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Ceedens is a private company that manufactures and distributes clothing items, primarily producing the niche sportswear brand ‘AWAHSUH’.
The company, which is situated in the heart of the fast moving business district of downtown Kingston, is an eight year old innovator that has carved its way and now sits within the top three sports clothing manufacturing companies in Jamaica.
We also have clients throughout the Caribbean from Antigua to the Turks and Caicos and are currently exploring options in the Caymans.
Ceedens’ mission is to “deliver the highest quality product through excellent customer service”.
Our management team has over thirty years of experience and we take pride in our loyal and hard-working staff.
The staff are hand-picked from certified persons, who are then trained with the unique Ceedens style to provide a quality finish.
The ‘family approach’ to staff ensures that they participate in decision making and feel as if they own the process.
Ceedens efficiently manages delivery of its products to the marketplace encompassing transportation, logistics, travel, printing, consulting and after-sales service.
Goods are generally picked up by the clients, but provision is made for those who wish to explore a delivery service option.
We are expanding to include a retail outlet to service walk-in clients, as there is no such retail store in the downtown Kingston area.
Our manufacturing plant is equipped with the critical machinery and equipment necessary to ensure its efficiency, continuous operations and supply of quality products.
Ceedens - ‘Where quality is standard’.
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