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T R S Distributors LtdUnit 1 4 - 6 Norman Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-930-5735

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TRS Distributors Limited has been a Wholesale Distributor of Tested Reliable Spares, to the Automotive Aftermarket, non genuine parts, in excess of thirty years.
We carry a wide range of Japanese applications.
Numbered among our exclusive brands are:
ROULUNDS Automotive Belts under the RO-FAN and RODRIVE labels for Drive and Timing Belts respectively.
We stock for all makes and models. ROULUNDS is the manufacturer of choice for many European make vehicles
RO-TOR Disc Pads - Our Private label, from a leading North American manufacturer, provides us the widest range of disc pads in both Semi Metallic, Severe Duty and Ceramic, We are the A-Z suppliers of disc pads covering a majority of Vehicles on the island.
Fit RO-TOR today and you’ll never demand another Brand
SUPER 99 and CARALL Wiper Blades - Quality blades for all makes of vehicles at affordable pricing.
LiTech Halogen Bulbs - providing reliable and long lasting lighting to our many satisfied customers.
MO-TOR Air and Fuel Filters: Our Private Label of filters sourced from quality assured Chinese Factories.
Flexible Water Hoses: 25 Sizes to fit a large population of Vehicles.
An Ideal Alternative to pre-formed Hoses = Less inventory numbers = Ability to meet wider demand = Lower carrying costs = Lower prices to customers.
SECO Clutch and Pressure Plates: For Japanese applications
Miscellaneous Brands: in addition to our exclusive brands we carry other brands covering Brake Shoes Bulbs Clutch & Brake Master Cylinders Cylinder Kits Disc Pads - Electrical Parts -Engine Mounts Flange Gaskets - Hose Clamps Radiator Caps - Steering & Suspension Parts Steering Boots Transmission Filters Uni. Joints
Visit or call our Retail-Wholesale Outlet for all your automobile parts and supplies at competitive prices.
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