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Fleetmaster Truck Parts Ltd315 Spanish Town Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-901-0038
Phone: +1 876-923-6235
Mobile: +1 876-306-0159

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Fleetmaster Truck Parts Ltd. offers a complete line of truck products backed by our well trained technicians and industry knowledge.
It’s the main reason why we’re considered the specialists when it comes to semi truck maintenance.
Our products include the following:
Fleetmaster Truck Parts offers a wide variety of truck suspension parts based on what you need to install in your vehicle.
Air suspension kits are powered by an engine driven air pump, which pressurizes the air instead using a spring.
This type of suspension provides smooth and level ride quality by raising the chassis from the axle.
Bushing kits are designed to handle heavy weight loads and transfer weight evenly and are durable enough to withstand weather elements.
We also offer frame packages and helper springs to add support underneath the truck as well as lowering kits.
We have replacement suspension components, shocks, and steering components for repairs. If you need axle parts, chances are we have the make and model you need.
We will get your engine up and running again with replacement parts, anything from air filters to superchargers to throttle bodies. We can also rebuild or install a new engine altogether.
If your transmission is on the Fritz, we can help you out and our fuel injection parts will get your vehicle running smoothly again.
Did your dome light burn out?
Notice a head, tail, or brake light that has gone dark?
Let Fleetmaster Truck Parts replace your lights with our top of the line parts.
We also have trailer hitches and trailer accessories to make sure your cargo is secured and supported.
All trucks need lubricants-power steering fluid, brake fluid, oil, and lubricants to keep the bolts in your wheels from drying out.
We have what you need and are always happy to assist you.
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