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Wadada ArtPort Antonio
Phone: +1 876-871-1812
Phone: +1 876-871-1812
Mobile: +1 876-871-1812

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Wadada Art is an innovative and multifaceted artistic enterprise founded by the talented artist and musician, Carlos Blázquez. Located in the enchanting coastal town of Port Antonio, Jamaica, Wadada Art is a creative hub that specializes in spray paint art and artistic woodwork. Carlos Blas, a true artisan at heart, brings his passion for art and music together to create unique and captivating works of art that reflect the vibrant spirit and culture of Jamaica.
Founder: Carlos Blázquez 
Carlos Blas is the driving force behind Wadada Art. With a deep-seated love for art, music, and his Jamaican roots, he has dedicated his life to channeling his creativity into mesmerizing artworks. As an accomplished musician, his art is infused with the rhythms and melodies that define the island's rich musical heritage.
Spray Paint Art:
Carlos Blázquez is renowned for his mastery of the spray paint medium. His artistic talent shines through in every piece he creates, using vibrant colors and intricate techniques to produce stunning visual landscapes that capture the essence of Jamaican life, culture, and nature.
Artistic Woodwork:
In addition to his spray paint art, Carlos also showcases his craftsmanship through artistic woodwork. He transforms wood into unique sculptures, furniture, and decor pieces that carry the unmistakable mark of his creativity.
Musical Influence:
Carlos's music background is interwoven into his art, infusing it with a rhythmic and soulful energy that sets his creations apart. His artworks often resonate with the same musical vibes that have made Jamaica a global music icon.
Wadada Art is a celebration of the fusion of art, music, and culture. We invite you to experience the magic of Jamaica through our captivating artworks and join us on a journey that transcends boundaries and fills the world with beauty and harmony.
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