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MandeVilla Place22A Ward Avenue - Mandeville
Phone: +1 876-961-3950
Phone: +1 876-961-3951
Mobile: +1 876-962-9311

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Mandevilla Place, Neil’s Auditorium was the vision of businessman who saw an opportunity and quickly acted on it. As the saying goes, it is not the journey that matters but the destination. And though it was not smooth sailing, each step made us one step closer to our destination.
The dream became a reality in November 2008 with an official opening. You may be wondering where the name “Mandevilla” originated and why we decided to use this name.
Well, it was inspired by the beautiful flower of the same name which is represented in the logo and, based on the location, it was quite suitable and the word “Place” was added as it is the premier event place to be in the Central region.
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