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Kanopi HouseBlue Lagoon, San San - Port Antonio
Phone: +1 876-632 3213

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Kanopi House is dedicated to low impact luxury. The six acre estate has been imagineered this way!
We are situated in the Blue Lagoon District off the coast of Cognoscenti in Portland, Jamaica. Kanopi is in the midst of a lush tropical jungle featuring Jurassic-size vines, 100-foot Banyan trees, soaring bamboo, and flowering magenta ginger lilies to name only a few of flora.
You will discover an elegant, environmentally conscious oasis consisting of five natural hardwood bungalows complete with story-book pathway that takes you through sun-dappled rain-forest canopies to stunning vistas of the Caribbean Sea! Welcome to Kanopi. 
Kanopi's peak-roof bungalows are 1 and 2 bedroom. Accented in local artwork and textiles, each tree-house features a lounge area that is separated from a sheltered veranda. French doors open wide to allow the outside in.
Indoor and outdoor showers offer you choices! Each kitchen is fully stocked with cold drinks, light snacks, good wine and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Rooms are equipped with Bose sound and i-Pods fully loaded with international music. 
Kanopi House has been endorsed by the National Environmental Planning Agency as an eco-friendly, low impact, organic, and green villa that treads gently upon the earth. Handcrafted furnishings and works by local artisans are produced from renewable Jamaican materials.
No trees were harmed to design Kanopi House! Buildings were designed to accommodate the natural landscape, where, in some cases, trees are simply integrated into the structure itself!
Meals are prepared with an emphasis on locally farmed ingredients. Menus place the focus on traditional Jamaican dishes—callaloo, green bananas, ackee, breadfruit, yam, wild cocoa, sweet potato, grilled and curried seafood and meats. Tailored to suit any preference – vegan or vegetarian, meat lovers, low carb or with a special focus on local specialties – the menu is entirely guests’ choice.
Dinners are arranged indoors in the Living Room or outdoors on the Terrace.
Bespoke picnics are available on request for any excursion—from day tours around the coast, trips to nearby beaches, or just across the lagoon on deserted Monkey Island.
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